The Bicycle

     To ride on two circles. Twin circles forked by twin triangles.

     It’s geometric, graceful, an elegant machine: the bicycle. A meeting of hands and bars, of seat and seat, of feet and pedals. Function dancing with form. And every surface curved,

 as with violins.

     It cannot move, cannot even stand upright without a person. It needs a soul to animate it, to balance—and off you go, two as one. Toward a memory of childhood summer, a wobbly grind toward poise. And to roll downhill in later life is to ride headlong into a nursery rhyme.

     Its wheels are delicate, spindled, like silk spinning wheels. And all of this balances on a fearful symmetry of metal and rubber with pedals like stirrups and a seat called a saddle.

     It is, in fact, a shadow of the horse. The bicycle’s forerunner rolled out of the nineteenth century when an oat shortage left German towns horseless, and a clever inventor propelled a wooden two-wheeler by shuffling his feet along streets.

      And lifetimes later, each time we head out, we dance with violins.

 —    Michael McCarthy

Sponsored by Friends of the Blue Star Trail, a nonprofit group formed to pave a non-motorized pathway for cyclists, stretching 20 miles, from South Haven to Saugatuck. Finishing the trail and endowing a fund for future maintenance are estimated to cost about $6.1 million.


Early Registration

Register before August 15, 2017 for the Lakeshore Harvest Ride and receive a $15 discount. Pass the word to your bike club and local bike store. Join the fun by registering online.

Fundraising Activities

Fundraising is an integral part of our mission. Through fundraising events, membership drives and generous donations we will acquire the money to construct the Blue Star Trail.

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